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Posted 07/04/2013
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Hourglass Film Noir Lash Lacquer

The Film Noir Lash Lacquer is the latest, innovative product from modern luxury brand, Hourglass Cosmetics.
Having collaborated with HCT CA for the manufacturing of several of their prestige products, Hourglass chose a stock component from the Flat range, to house the unique ultra-glossy top coat formulation. The component is complete with brush applicator to allow for precision application to the lashes.

Winnie Sung, Senior Project Manager, HCT CA comments:

“Hourglass has, once again, launched an innovative product with modern day women in mind. For this new lash concept, they decided to keep the same sleek look as their Extreme Sheen Lipgloss, currently packaged in our stock Casimir Flat Lipgloss component. Being a lash product, the bottle needed to be opaque. Hourglass chose to use a molded black bottle which deeply contrasts against the vac metalized bronze shell. The high drama look of the package instantly conveys to the user that the product will create the same striking and dramatic look on their lashes. Hourglass is a brand that really knows how to deliver a message to their customers through the packaging so it’s always fun working with them on projects”.